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Metallic Epoxy

Add an artistic touch to your floors without sacrificing durability. Our metallic epoxies and urethane/polyaspartic topcoats confer superior durability to your floors all with a unique, artistic appearance. The chemistry of metallic epoxies ensures that your floor will be truly one of a kind. Pigments can be combined in unlimited combinations to create a design tailored to you; even mimicking granite and marble.


Metallic epoxies add flair to a normally bland floor. Here at the Gaylord National bowling alley, this amber/walnut metallic creates depth between the colors, looking like dunes in the setting sun. These floors are popular in garages but can be installed in any commercial space. 

The design combinations are endless with metallic epoxies. Our polyaspartic and urethane topcoats are slip and scratch resistant, UV stable, resist hot tire pick up, and come in a matte or gloss finish. This is an office floor at our shop on Northwood Drive. 

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