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Decorative Flake and Quartz Flooring

Transform your floors into a masterpiece of style, durability, and functionality with our  Flake and Quartz Floor Systems! The endless customization of flake and quartz blends allow clients to bring their vision to life. The superior durability of our epoxies, polyaspartics and urethanes create a seamless floor that is stain resistant and easy to maintain. Whether its a showroom, kitchen, or garage, our  decorative flake and quartz flooring systems can add value to any commercial or industrial space

Our decorative flake and quartz flooring systems can even be installed on vertical surfaces. We can create a seamless coating from floors to cieiling for easy maintenance and clean up in messy environments; perfect a bathhouse settings, like pictured to the right. 


Pictured to the left is a flake epoxy floor we installed at an event space. This floor system provides slip resistance, resists staining and scratching while providing the beautiful slate grey flake that compliments this facility. 

Make your business stand out, even on your floors. You can add a logo of your favorite sports team or your business logo to your floor. 


Our decorative flake and epoxy floors can be installed in your garage in a single day. Add property value to your home while adding to the durability of your space. 

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