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Commercial Kitchen and restaurant flooring

We install epoxies, polyaspartics and cementitious urethane flooring systems for superior durability in challenging kitchen environments. We make sure to properly prep concrete through shot blasting, grinding and patching to ensure our floors last for generations. These seamless floors with integral cove base can provide a safe surface for employees while protecting against chemical cleaners, hot oil grease, thermal cycling and frequent spills without breaking down. This self-leveling material creates an easy to clean, long lasting kitchen floor. 


Cementitious urethanes have unrivaled durability in kitchen settings. They can endure...

  • harsh cleaning chemicals

  • hot oil spills

  • heavy impacts

  • scolding and freezing temperatures

... while maintaining that day one finish. Here at Miones in West Ocean City, we used a heavier grit broadcast cementitious urethane for extra slip prevention.

At Crumbl Cookie in Hampton, VA we installed a polyaspartic micro flake floor with 6" integral cove base. The micro flake provides slip resistance. Polyaspartic resins cure considerably quicker than epoxies, reducing down time for your business.


This epoxy floor with a quartz broadcast and matte top coat provides slip resistance and a seamless, easy to clean surface for this bar at the Old Hickory in Washington DC. This durable and economical flooring system is ideal for bars, delis, bakeries, and light traffic kitchens. 

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