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Commercial & Industrial Painting

Premier Coatings and Flooring offers an array of coatings tailored to their environment. Whether it be a fresh coat of interior paint, a fire-resistant coating in a firehouse, or anything in between, we have you covered. Our experienced painters have decades of experience that can be seen with your own eyes.


PCF offers interior and exterior coatings that can withstand a range of conditions with properties like

  • Non-skid

  • Tire wear protection

  • Anti-microbial 

  • Chemical resistance

  • Moisture mitigating

  • Insulation

  • Corrosion resistance

These properties make our coatings ideal for commercial, industrial and residential areas such as

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Firehouses/Police Barracks

  • Laboratories

  • Driveways

  • Pool Decks/Patios

  • Hotel/Motel Walkways

  • Exposed structural beams

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