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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial settings present unique challenges that our resinous products are designed to endure. Manufacturing facilities, Police barracks, Firehouses, Medical facilities, automotive workshops, and municipalities require durable, resilient flooring that PCF can deliver. Impact resistance, chemical resistance, preventing hot-tire pick up, and oil stain resistance are just some of the attributes our products protect against in these challenging environments. 


Heavy machinery and engine repair facilities, like shown here at Dahlgren Naval base, pose numerous challenges. Safety is our utmost concern which is why this self-leveling, chemical and oil resistant epoxy floor has added slip prevention broadcast. You can rest easy knowing your employees will have a safe, functional and beautiful floor. 

Warehouses see lots of abuse from traffic, fork lifts and the hundreds of pallets that pass through them daily. Here at this Door Dash food service warehouse, this epoxy sealer prevents hot-tire pick up, has high impact resistance, and great stain resistance in the event of a spill. We have a wide range of economical coatings and sealers for clients seeking functionality over aesthetic.

water plant.jpg

We offer waterproof coatings for environments likely to see regular flooding, like this water treatment facility in Salisbury, MD. This seamless epoxy coating was installed along the floors and 18" up the wall to contain large amounts of water that may flood this facility during heavy rainfall, all the while providing a safe surface for employees.

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