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Cementitious products

 PCF offers products that can alleviate flooring issues so that your project is done correctly, and, most importantly, up to ADA, OSHA, state and local code. We stay ahead of the curve with coding requirements for our service area so you can rest assured your facility will pass inspection and exceed expectation. Self-leveling underlayments, polishable overlays, and concrete spot repairs are a few products PCF offers to meet your goals.

Have you always wanted the sought after aesthetic, durability and easy maintenance of polished concrete but your existing floors werent in good shape? PCF offers multiple products that can be poured over existing floors and polished to your desire; including medium aggregate exposure.


Renovations of older spaces always come with surprises. Oftentimes the floor is not level, has numerous cracks, or the drains are not up to code.  PCF can pour a variety of cementitous products that provide a durable and level surface for you to install the floor of your choice. 

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